​Learn Spanish in a friendly and exciting environment. Through music, stories and games your child will learn the language while having fun!

Why learn Spanish as a child?

The earlier your child learns to speak Spanish, the better. The area of our brain devoted to language develops from age three to eight, so this is the best time for your child to develop a second language. The many benefits from early language instruction include improved overall school performance and superior problem-solving skills.


Ages 3 to 6

1.5 hour sessions – parents are welcome to stay

Our sessions are full of energy and include storytelling, games and songs, giving children the chance to learn Spanish while having fun together and doing the things they love to do.


Ages 7+

PRIVATE or GROUP sessions, 1 hour

Spanish immersion sessions designed to teach Spanish using the Natural Approach. This means children learn in a fun and relaxed environment; playing, singing and moving, and learning Spanish without realising it!