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Lara Orlando - Founder and Main Teacher


I’ve been a language teacher for over 15 years, and have taught in Argentina, the UK, China and Australia. I did a combined English/Spanish Translation and Teaching degree  (Argentina) and have a Diploma in Teaching Spanish as a Second Language. After working as a teacher and coordinator of many schools over the years, I decided to finally put my passion for teaching Spanish into my own school, and Lara’s Spanish Hub was born.

I love to inspire students and to get them speaking Spanish from day one. One of the most rewarding things for me as a teacher is to see my students make connections and friends within the classroom and to see them having fun while learning about Spanish and Latin American cultures.  I also love organising social events to connect students to the Spanish speaking world.

I have a passion (should I say obsession? :)) for creating – and incorporating – fun materials, games and activities to do in class – having a good time while learning is so important! So what are our classes like? Full of talking, laughing and trying out new ideas in a relaxed and friendly environment. As I always say, no class is complete without a game!

I look forward to meeting you all soon. ¡Hasta pronto!

Our Teaching Method: The Communicative Approach

Our method is based on the communicative approach. We do not just want you to know Spanish, we want you to use it! The main focus of Lara’s Spanish Hub is to improve your communication skills. Our teaching style is highly interactive and dynamic and we focus on developing the student’s abilities to speak and understand spoken Spanish, since we know their ultimate goal is to be able to have a conversation in Spanish.

It sometimes happens that people study a foreign language for many years and yet they are not able to use the language at all. In most cases this is a consequence of a traditional approach to language teaching, which emphasises grammar and written skills.

On the contrary, the Communicative Approach believes that language is about communicating rather than just grammar. This allows us to bring real communication situations into the classroom. You’ll participate in many situational activities, which are well planned and structured but also leave room for being spontaneous and for improvising (and making mistakes 🙂 ) so that you can practise Spanish in normal life situations.

Our lessons are carefully resourced and planned, and we have a passion for incorporating the most creative and innovative materials and activities to ensure our students have fun while learning. While we adopt the most effective language teaching methodologies, we also take into account our students’ different learning styles and needs.

Finally, we follow the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.